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555 Cigarettes

555 Cigarettes 555

$ 53.30 per carton
Minimum amount of cartons 3
Sold Out
555 Lights Cigarettes 555 Lights

$ 33.60 per carton
Minimum amount of cartons 2
Sold Out

555 Cigarettes

The golden colors of State Express 555 cigarettes pack design have attracted millions of smokers worldwide. These days most of them come from Asia, where the 555s are one of the most popular imported cigarettes brands. These cigarettes are manufactured by the British American Tobacco Company (BAT).
The serious problem these days for BAT in general and State Express 555 cigarettes in particular is the increasing brand counterfeiting activity in Asia. Some estimations show that India, China and Vietnam citizens spend over one billion USD per year on counterfeited cigarettes and the 555s make up a huge part of the volume.
In recent years BAT started exploring new markets for State Express 555, as it becomes harder with each year to sell cigarettes in the USA and Western Europe. As the Asian market has been conquered a long time ago, now the 555s enter such huge markets as Russia and some Latin America countries. BAT executives have also announced the plans to build additional factories in these countries to increase the production (BAT is currently one of the largest tobacco industry investors in Russia).
State Express 555 cigarettes are positioned on the market as the true London and British understanding of what a good tobacco product should be. Nice design, considerable price and quality guaranteed by BAT explain the success of the 555 brand.

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